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Triton T80Z FF 10.5Kw Electric Shower

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The T80Z Fast-Fit is the ultimate replacement shower.

Easy to fit 

This shower accepts pipe and cable entry from all possible directions. Within the shower, the Swing-FitTM wiring terminal can swing left or right to ensure any existing cable will reach the connection. Similarly, the Swivel-FitTM water inlet connection can swivel left or right to match the direction of any exising pipework.

Seamless replacement

This shower covers the footprint of most electric showers, and is unlikely to expose any untiled areas or unused fixing holes. Adjustable shower rail brackets allow flexible positioning of wall fixings within tiles or on grout lines, or the reuse of previous fixing holes.

The tapered backplate gives a sleek and neat appearance on the bathroom wall:

  • Double temperature protection – the outlet sensor activates to reduce the heating power if the temperature gets too hot and the second sensor turns off all the heating power under extreme operating conditions
  • Push button Start/Stop – to select your favourite shower setting every time
  • ‘Low pressure’ indicator – operates when the water pressure is insufficient
  • Rub Clean Showerhead – 5 spray pattern
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