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A timer switch is a mechanism that controls the on and off timing of electrical equipment such as for appliances and devices. An electric timer switch can help to save energy which operates by either a mechanical function or digital display and can often be set like a heating control to turn on and off at set times daily, on a 5 day 2 day basis or for seven days. A timer switch for lights can fit over existing light swtiches, a simple and convenient method without the need for wires or complicated installs, allowing lighting to be turned on and off on a timed basis. A socket with timer ensures that no valuable sockets are lost to the timer itself.

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Greenbrook T102A-C Immersion heater timer 24 hour mechanical

£19.50 Incl VAT

Greenbrook T102-C Immersion Heater Mechanical Timer 24 Hour is a product by Greenbrook and is part of the Greenbrook Timers range.This product is a Timer under the Sockets & Switches product group.

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Kingshield Room Thermostat- Break on Rise TH90

£15.99 Incl VAT

The Kingshield TH90-C is a ‘break on rise’ thermostat. It has an operating temperature range of between 5°C and 35°C. It has a round dial and is white in colour.

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Kingshield Room Thermostat Tamperproof TH90T

£17.99 Incl VAT

The Kingshield TH90T-C is a ‘break on rise’ thermostat. It has an operating temperature range of between 5°C and 35°C and the dial is tamperproof. It is white in colour.

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Greenbrook T206-C Fused spur Switch with countdown timer

£24.00 Incl VAT

The Greenbrook T206-C Combined Timer & Fused Spur is a compact and subtle control panel ideal for control of LED Lighting, towel rails, panel heaters, immersion heaters, water pumps, and fan heaters. This fused spur switch with timer allows the user to save energy by limiting the operation of a system to the users chosen time periods, ranging from 15 minutes to 23 hours.

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Greenbrook T40S-C 7 day Electronic Wall switch security timer

£19.00 Incl VAT

Replaces a wall switch to provide timed switching of lights while still allowing normal switching operation. Hinged cover also operates as a light switch.

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