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Ring Hardwired Spotlight Cam - White

The Ring spotlight camera is a high definition security camera, sending real time alerts to your mobile device or tablet whenever motion is detected. This easy to install camera has a two way audio communication system so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from anywhere in the world.

The wired ring spotlight cam simply plugs into your standard power outlets (a battery version is available in black 8SB1S7-BEU0 or white 8SB1S7-WEU0). Included is an easy fit mounting bracket which allows for simple straight forward installation.

Advanced motion sensors send notifications straight to your phone whenever any unusual motion is detected, whilst its night vision sensors and powerful LED spotlight allows you to monitor your homes security day and night from anywhere in the world using the Ring App.

When a visitor triggers the motion sensors, an alert is sent to your phone so you can deal with the visitor accordingly - why not tell the delivery man to leave your parcel round the back behind the dustbin using the cameras two way communication system. The motion sensor also triggers a powerful spotlight, making this product not only amazing for security but for night lighting also.

It has night vision ability picking up clear footage of intruders up to 4 meters away.


  • 140 degree field of view, recording in sharp 1080p HD resolution
  • Video on demand with Live View
  • It's weather-resistant, operating between -20 degrees; and +48 degrees C, to work rain or shine
  • Infrared night vision ensures the camera will operate day and night
  • In-built motion sensors can be customised to your requirements
  • Motion-Activated LED spotlights to scare off any intruder and make night viewing all the more easier
  • Connects over your home Wi-Fi network
  • Bank-grade encryption of your data ensures privacy
  • Easy to install, mount anywhere
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