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  • Dramatic time savings
  • Wire all 4 connections in 7 seconds
  • Prewired with clearly labelled cable inlets.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Screwless push-fit design.
  • No screws, clips, clamps, or covers – no fuss!
  • Fits through 32mm hole.
  • Reusable

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Quickwire Starter Kit QKIT

£53.99 Incl VAT

We appreciate buying into a new wiring method can be daunting, and to address this issue we’re offering a Quickwire starter kit at a reduced price for a limited time

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Splitter Junction Box QSP34

£4.29 Incl VAT

The Quickwire Splitter is for use in conjunction with a Switch & Load. It allows for connection of multiple luminaires.

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Switch & Load Junction Box

£4.29 Incl VAT

The Quickwire Switch & Load allows for two power connections, one switch connection and one load connection.

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