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PowerBreaker K Range White Moulded 2 Gang 13A Switched RCD Socket - Passive 30mA K22WPAPN-C

Protect yourself from electrical faults with PowerBreaker’s White Moulded 2 Gang 13A Switched RCD Socket (K22WPAPN-C), part of their K Range. Residual current devices, like the K22WPAPN-C, monitor the current flowing through their live and neutral wires and, if they detect an imbalance, automatically cut the power before it can shock anyone or start a fire.

In addition to its slim modern appearance and hard-wearing front plate, it features a brilliant LED power indicator, so you can always tell whether it’s on or not. When it comes to RCD protection, count on PowerBreaker – the UK’s number one residual current device brand.

  • RCD socket
  • Finish: White
  • Construction: Moulded (front plate)
  • Slim profile
  • 2 gang
  • 1 gang model also available (K21WPAPN-C)
  • Switched
  • High intensity LED power on indicator
  • Twin earth terminals
  • Rated Voltage: 230V AC 50Hz
  • Max operating current: 13A (13A inductive)
  • Rated trip current: 30mA
  • Typical trip speed: less than 20ms
  • RCD contact break: double pole
  • Latching: mechanical, no need to reset after power loss (passive)
  • Responsive to: pulsating DC earth faults
  • Conforms to BS 7288: 1990 Amd 1, BS 1363-2: 1995 Amd 1-3
  • EMC Emissions - EN 55014-1:2006 & EN 55014-1:2000 inc A1:2001 & A2:2002
  • EMC Immunity - EN 61543:1995 inc A11: 2003, A12:2005 & A2:2006
  • Fits standard 25mm back box
  • Dimensions (mm): H – 86.4, W – 147, D – 11.3 (plate)
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