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The manufacturer of Firex® branded products was acquired by Kidde in 2009 


Kidde KF30 Heat Alarm - Mains Powered with Battery Back-up

Kidde KF3 or 4899 230v mains 57C fixed temperature heat detector is interconnectable with the whole Firex range. It comes complete with backup power, either in the form of a 4 year Alkaline battery or a 10 year Lithium.

  • £25.20

Patco surface pattress for Kidde 230V Carbon Monoxide

Relay Pattress, Surface for Firex Alarms This surface mount relay pattress is for use with Kidde Fyrnetics & Firex, Hard Wired Smoke & Heat alarms

  • £1.99

Kidde Firex 230V Mains Powered Ionisation Smoke Alarm KF10

Premium smoke alarm for protection to the family and home. Powerful escape light illuminates to guide you to safety during a fire. Hush button feature allows nuisance alarms (cooking, steam, etc) to be easily paused.

  • £12.49
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