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How to Boost your Home Security this Bank Holiday

The last bank holiday of the year is fast approaching and the darker nights and colder weather will be with us before we know it. In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to make the most of the long weekend by making your home safer ahead of the change in seasons.


Do sweat the small stuff


It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life but so often this means we forget the basics of keeping ourselves safe at home:


When was the last time you checked your smoke alarms?


If you can’t remember the last time they were tested then this weekend would be a great time to reinstate the habit of checking them weekly. Fire safety is no laughing matter and testing your smoke alarms regularly is the best, and simplest step you can take to ensure you and your family are safe in the event of an emergency.


Do you have carbon monoxide alarms?


Carbon monoxide (CO) is known as the silent killer and it can occur in places in the home where there is natural gas and combustion occurring- think boilers and gas fires. A carbon monoxide alarm, just like a smoke alarm can be a lifesaver so get testing, or, if you don’t have one yet, buy one this bank holiday.


Think like a criminal


While we still have lighter nights, take some time this weekend to survey your house. Think like a criminal and look for anything that could be considered a security weak spot.


● Are any gates you have padlocked and secure? If you have fences, think about whether they’re sturdy or if they’re long overdue for replacement.

● Do you have a key-safe? Having a spare key kept near your house is a good idea for when you’re in a pinch. Accidents happen. But, the placement of your spare key can put you at risk if you don’t think wisely about it. Leaving the keys underneath a plant pot or a welcome mat is convenient, but a locked key safe with a passcode on the side of your house will provide you with far more security than ceramic and flowers can.

● If you have large windows, peer through them and imagine you don’t live at your house. What can you see? If you have all of your valuables on show then you may want to consider having a change-around so that your living room looks less enticing to a would-be burglar. Even if you can’t see anything that could be stolen, it may be worth investing in window locks if you do not have them already for that added peace of mind.


Plan ahead for the dark nights


If you’ve followed the tips above then you’ve already made big steps in improving your home security but now it’s time to think about when the darker nights set in. In many cases, simply seeing an alarm system or a CCTV camera on the side of a house is enough to deter a potential burglar. If you don’t have these things at home already, then now is the perfect time to start installing them.


CCTV and alarm systems come in many varieties and there is one to suit every house and budget. To go alongside an alarm or CCTV system, floodlights are a brilliant way of lighting up the front of your house and thanks to them being motion activated, they really do put the spotlight on whoever is lurking around your home at night.


The most effective combination is to install CCTV, an alarm system and motion activated floodlights, however, if your budget does not allow for all three then even just one of these things will be a boost to your home security.


Know who’s knocking


Most people will remember being a child, home alone for the first time and told to not open the door to strangers. This rule goes out of the window once you get older and own your own home, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good advice.


In recent years there has been an increase in doorstep scams and crime, particularly amongst the elderly and vulnerable. Luckily, technology like the Ring doorbell allows you to see who is at the door, no matter whether you’re inside the house or miles away. Not only is it handy for telling the postman where to leave the parcel you’d forgotten was being delivered, it allows you to see who is at the door when it knocks and it sends notifications to your phone whenever movement is detected. A Ring doorbell is a useful gadget and a handy security hack all rolled into one.


What are you waiting for?


Whether you have a huge budget or a tiny budget, this bank holiday weekend is the perfect opportunity to boost your home security. By following our tips and tricks, along with simple common sense, your home can be safe and secure for the winter before the autumn’s even started.


Peace of mind is priceless and we’re here to help you to feel protected by offering a variety of security products suited to your price range, and we have those all important COVID safe delivery policies in place if you order with us online.

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