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Dimplex Over door Air Curtain Heater 3.0KW

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Dimplex Over door Air Curtain Heater 3.0KW

Bringing new and modern styling to the ever popular Dimplex AC range, these air curtains provide a multi-directional, powerful curtain of warm air above the entrance to shops, offices and almost any small doorway. Because they reduce heat losses through frequently opened doors, the AC range saves energy and promotes increased business in commercial applications. 


  • New curved styling for modern interiors. 
  • Full Heat, Half Heat and Fan Only settings. 
  • Can be used as a high-level fan heater. 
  • Adjustable airflow on AC3N, AC3RN, AC45N and AC6N. 
  • Models AC3N, AC3RN and AC45N designed for single doorways. 
  • Twin heat settings and fan only mode help match output to changing heating demands, keeping a check on energy use. 
  • Colour white. 
  • Technical - All Models 
  • All models use high power tangential blower units and effective wire stitched elements. 
  • Electrical Connection 
  • No cable supplied, designed for permanent connection to the fixed wiring of the premises through an adjacent double pole switch or conduit connection.
  • Commercial Over Door Heaters 
  • Installation - Designed for wall or ceiling installations. 
  • Construction/Finish - Pressed steel case with ABS end caps finished in durable white with contrasting switches. 
  • Safety Protection - Supply interrupt cut-outs. 
  • Controls - Integrated control over full heat, half heat or fan only modes 
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