Free Delivery on orders over £75



Delivery & Collection


Any delivery of items purchased from the Sunny Electricals' online or physical store are put into effect as soon as the goods leave our property and meet the hands of the shipping carriers by us specifically or from any of the supplier companies we work with.

The dates with which an item may arrive in the possession of the recipient are estimated based on the availability of the products purchased, location the items are being shipped to as well as the date and time in which the order was initially placed.

If at any time we find that dispatch times and arrival dates are set to change after an order is made, our team will be in contact with the person named on the order form sent to notify you as soon as is possible.

In the case of an item being damaged or lost en route to its destination, Sunny Electricals are not to be held liable and any action needed will have to be taken up with the carrying company directly. However, we will do our best to put you in contact with the correct departments to discuss these issues further.

The Sunny Electricals team may also reserve the right to make any delivery through instalments as and when deemed necessary. This may tender a separate invoice which will accompany each individual instalment. In this case, the recipient will be made aware prior to the commencement of the delivery being made.

Please be aware that prices may incur on top of the normal delivery charges agreed on by both parties if further assistance or delivery outside our usual pattern is requested and committed to at any time.

On arrival of your purchased goods, we ask that you take the precautions necessary to ensure a safe unloading and delivery from the carrier to the destination required and within a timely fashion so that drivers can return and continue on their rounds.


Free Delivery


When purchasing online, via the Sunny Electricals website, you may find that during check out, extra prices may incur.

These will cover tax and the cost of delivery to the previously disclosed location. 

However, as stated on our homepage, visitors will notice that for purchases of goods over the price of £75, any delivery charges will be dropped and made free. 

Please note that in this instance, tax costs will still remain and be accounted for regardless of monetary value. 


Click and Collect


With our new Click and Collect option, opportunity is given for the collection of items from our physical store. Please note this is limited to a 14-day time frame and only available currently from our Walsall location.

You will also be solely responsible for any damages made to or losses to your items purchased.

Failure to collect items on time as agreed to on your order, without notifying our team of a delay, will result in your goods becoming unavailable to you, placed back up for purchase and you may still be charged.

For more information on Sunny Electricals and the rights and responsibilities you have as a customer, please read our Terms and Conditions here.



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