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Crompton Lamps 16W 10222 LED 2D Retrofit, COL 835-5300K- White GR10q 4-PIN

Manufacturer part number 10222
This 10222 White 3500k bulb from the GE Lighting range has a distinct shallow shape resulting in a uniform spread of light. Ideal applications include domestic retail and commercial.
Manufacturer: Crompton

This energy efficient 16W LED 2D bulb is designed to replace traditional 28W fluorescent bulbs, offering the same level of brightness, but much less power to do so. Its 4-pin GR10q fitting retrofits to existing light fixtures, meaning installation requires no additional rewiring. Impressive 40,000 hour life and 3500k neutral white light. Suitable for outdoor use with an IP65 rated fitting. Instant illumination, no warm up time. Only suitable for use with high frequency ballasts.

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