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Crompton Lamps is one of the oldest lamp businesses in the world, founded in 1878 by the late Colonel Crompton, an entrepreneur with an interest in electricity. He designed and installed some of the earliest recorded electric lighting installations at buildings such as Windsor Castle and Holyrood Palace.


Crompton Lamps 16W Compact Fluorescent CC GR10q 4 Pin CLC16W4PIN COL 825-3500k White

Due to its' shape this CLC16W4PIN DD Compact Fluorescent Lamp emits a uniform spread of light ideal for use in domestic lighting applications.

  • £4.20

Crompton Lamps 16W Compact Fluorescent CC GR8 2 Pin CLC16W2PIN COL 825-3500k Cool White

This 16 watt CLC16W2PIN lamp emits a crisp Cool White colour temperature throughout an impressive 10000 hour life span

  • £4.20

Crompton Lamps 16W 10222 LED 2D Retrofit, COL 835-5300K- White GR10q 4-PIN

This 10222 White 3500k bulb from the GE Lighting range has a distinct shallow shape resulting in a uniform spread of light. Ideal applications include domestic retail and commercial.

  • £15.00

28W Compact Fluorescent CC GR10q- 4 PIN CLC28W4PIN

Energy saving compact CLC28W4PIN fluorescent CC lamp widely used with slim profile and tough exterior luminaires

  • £6.00

4.5 Daylight, REFLED ES50 V3 LED 0027435

Emitting a crisp Daylight colour temperature this LED GU10 is ideal for use in offices and retail lighting applications.

  • £3.60

Crompton lamps LED cooker Hood SES-E14, Cool White 10567

This is an energy saving LED Cooker Hood – ideal for retrofit. Part No. 10567.

  • £5.99
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