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Crabtree Platinum Polished Brass 5 Amp Socket 7340/PB

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SKU 7340/PB
MPN 7340/PB
Screw less non profile 7340/PB Crabtree Platinum Polished Brass 5 Amp round pin Socket in polished brass

7340/PB 5 Amp Polished Brass Socket 

Crabtree Platinum Screwless Low Profile 7340/PB 5 Amp Socket Polished Brass

Crabtree Platinum is an extensive range of power, control and lighting accessories. This product is in the clip-on screwless low profile range of switches and sockets in Polished Brass (PB). 

With no compromise between style and function, the Crabtree Platinum Range of switches and sockets is slim, stylish and packed with solid Crabtree engineering. 

The Crabtree Platinum stylish design is enchanced by a screwless metal front plate. The product is first wired and fixed to the backbox which then allows the front plate to be neatly clipped on.

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