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Aurora AU-DSP400X 60-400VA Dimmer Module

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Aurora AU-DSP400X 60-400VA 1 Gang 2 Way Zero Cross Rotary Dimmer for LEADING EDGE LED lamps 

Aurora 60-400va dimmer suitable for dimming dimmable LEDs, dimmable compact fluorescents, dimmable LED drivers and toroidal transformers. 

Integrated trimming potentiometer allows CFL and LED lamps to be set at a minimum level to prevent them going out at the bottom of the dimmer range.  


•Leading edge phase control. 

•For use with resistive and inductive loads Integrated over-temperature protection fuse

•Module case ultrasonically sealed to reduce dimmer buzzing. 

•Smooth dimming operation from 0-100% light output. 

•It may be fitted to most dimmer plates. 

•One or two way switching. 

•Complies with the latest Electrical Safety standard for dimmer switches EN 60669-2-1:2000 EMC compliance - EN 55015. 


Nominal Power (VA) - 60-400VA VA 

Length (mm) - 62 mm 

Width (mm) - 26 mm 

Height (mm) - 25 mm

Product Weight - 0.054 Kg

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