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Offering a range of door entry kits with easy installations.

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ESP EZTAG3PRO IP65 Keypad And Proximity Reader Door Entry Unit

£146.50 Incl VAT

The EZ-TAG3-PRO IP65 Keypad And Proximity Reader Door Entry Kit replaces the previous EZ-TAG-2 version to introduce a more sophisticated model with additional benefits which include a doorbell function, as well as a new improved easy programming to facilitate installation.

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Colour Video Door Entry Keypad System APKITKP

£227.40 Incl VAT

Colour video door entry keypad system - Simple 2 core cable installation - Single power supply (included) supports all monitors and outdoor stations in a flexible combination of up to 5 devices - Clear high resolution colour picture on 7" hands free TFT monitor - Outdoor station with built in keypad for code door unlocking

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