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Airflow Developments has a rich history of innovation and growth. In 1955, from one man's expertise in the fields of fan design and air flow measurement, the Airflow Developments group of companies was founded. Initially based in one factory in High Wycombe the company has since blossomed into a thriving international group.



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Airflow 72683501 ICON eco15

£45.82 Incl VAT

Stylish compact low profile fan 72683501 for discreet ventilation

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Airflow ICON 30 4 inch Extractor Fan 240v 72591601

£90.05 Incl VAT

Stylish low profile extractor fan 72591601 for the toilet, bathroom and utility room ventilation

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Airflow ICON 72683701 eco15S

£113.81 Incl VAT

Stylish, compact low profile fan ICON 72683701 for discreet ventilation, deal for toilets, en-suites, shower rooms and bathrooms.

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Airflow ICON eco 30S 72683801 extractor fan 12v

£122.56 Incl VAT

iCON 30S 72683801 is ideal for toilets, wet zones (1 and higher) in en-suites, shower rooms, utility rooms and bathrooms. Recessed into the wall or ceiling, it is stylish and unobtrusive, even in the smallest space. Also supplied with a narrow contour 'skirt' for surface mounting if preferred. The quiet, powerful mixed centrifugal/axial fan has been designed with simplicity in mind.

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Airflow ICON Fan Control Module 72574202

£30.58 Incl VAT

The Icon HTS humidity module is easily fitted underneath the cover of any low voltage (12V) Icon fan. The HTS allows the fan to operate when the room humidity rises above the set level (adjustable). This module also features an over-run timer and pull cord

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Airflow ICON Fan Control Module 72612601

£13.94 Incl VAT

Airflow ICON 72612601 ventilation fan comes with a standardised on/off switch with an adjustable timer module 1 - 30 minutes for any iCON 240v

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Airflow ICON Fan Control Module 72687103

£31.99 Incl VAT

The Airflow ICON Fan Control Module 72687103 230V, AC. Adjustable humidity setting between 40-90% RH, adjustable timer and momentary pull cord to activate timer.

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