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Electromagnetic Lock EV-ML-250ZLB

£20.04 Incl VAT

EV-ML-250ZLB Electromagnetic Lock Spare Z and L bracket for EV-ML-250

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Electromagnetic Lock EV-ML-500XT

£110.30 Incl VAT

Electromagnetic Lock IP67 rated weather resistant external lock Holding force 500kg/1200lbs max

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ESP ENTERD-YLR Yale 12vDC Surface Lock Latch Release

£30.33 Incl VAT

Surface Electronic Lock Holding force 295kg/650lbs 160ma 12vdc input For use with Yale type surface locks Flush mounting version available Fail Secure Requires EVBPSBB power supply

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ESP EV-EBG Emergency Break Glass Door Release Call Point

£10.34 Incl VAT

Surface mounted Emergency break glass to release door

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ESP EV-EBG-KEY Pack of 5 Keys for EV-EBG

£5.52 Incl VAT

Pack of 5 keys for EV-EBG

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ESP EVEXIT Flush 12vDC EXIT Button Stainless Steel

£12.85 Incl VAT

Push to Exit Release Button Stainless steel fascia Flush mounting Push to make contacts

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