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100 mts 6 Core Alarm Cable

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6 Core Union White 100m Intruder Alarm Cable is insulated with only the highest grades of PVC to meet with BS6746. The Cores are made from 7 strands of nom. 0.17mm Tinned Copper with a Strong Lead Free PVC Outer Sheath and includes a strong Nylon Ripcord for easy stripping of the cable. This cable is designed for the requirements of domestic and small commercial alarm systems. Manufactured in Great Britain to meet the DD CLS/TS EN50131-7:2003.Standard. 

Key Features:-

  • Environmentally Compliant to RoHS Requirements
  • Highest Quality Raw Materials 
  • Tinned and Annealed Copper Wire for Flexibility 
  • Conductors Formed with 7 strands of nom. 0.17mm Tinned Copper
  • Strong Lead Free PVC Outer Sheath, Insulated to meet BS6746
  • Resistance Value Per km 116.0 Ohms
  • Includes a Strong Nylon Ripcord
  • Totally Manufactured and Tested in Great Britain 
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